Keep that Wiggle Wriggly!So, lockdown number 3 is doing its best to break our spirits. We’ve all become pretty adept at dressing for business from the waist up, whilst wearing brushed cotton jimjams below. Our hair is a walking advert for dry shampoo, and we have perfected the art of holding a pen/coffee mug/hand to disguise those hormonal breakouts on the chin. Tell me lady, did you behave this way when you were in the office? No, I didn’t think so.

It’s not just the skimping on hair and make-up, it’s the wholesale embracing of stretchy, elasticated loungewear (and if you can’t hear the contempt in my voice, please go and reread the sentence and imagine it is being read by Bette Davis). Spare me those shapeless dresses, you know the ones, blowsy and ditzy print with ruffles at the neck and ‘leg of mutton’ sleeves. It’s time to remember where you left your waistline! Oh you may wince at the thought of that little lockdown belly you are hiding under a layer of stretch jersey, but wearing a beautiful vintage-style pencil skirt that skims your curves is infinitely more flattering (even if you have been skipping spin classes since well before the first lockdown).

Now, you may not feel quite ready to ditch the pyjamas just yet, but a warm and soft boucle fabric will ease the transition back to smart society. Our new Venus boucle 1950s pencil skirt has just the right amount of stretch to support and cling beautifully, and a soft, cosy feel to keep that wiggle warm on a fresh spring day. Oversized brass coloured buttons are a stylish retro-inspired touch, emphasising those long legs from waist to mid-calf – so flattering! Choose bottle green, winter pink, taupe, mint, or classic black for an effortless look that is pure vintage and deliciously very soft.

A well-cut pencil skirt is not just incredibly flattering, it behaves in the same way as a pair of decent heels, your perfect fragrance, or the statement earrings that everyone admires. These are things that infuse the wearer with a spark of confidence, even in the bleakest moments of lockdown fatigue. Wear with heels for a statuesque silhouette and a confident, business-like attitude. Wear with boots and a chunky jumper, it’s a look that worked wonders for Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club. Wear with flats, a cardigan and a dinky bag for a classic 1950s vintage look. You may be only heading to the supermarket, but you can still channel a strong retro preppy vibe, just stop short of asking Alan on the deli counter if he wants to go to the prom. Whatever your style inspiration, ditch the jammies this very moment and wriggle your way into a pencil skirt.