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‘Dee Dee’ Red 50s Swing Dresses

Spring 2018

Oh, sweetheart! Dee Dee is everything you need in a vintage fashion dress; off-the-shoulder neckline, waist-flattering wide belt, classic angled sleeves and a shamelessly generous full circle skirt. 50s swing dresses are what every rockabilly girl needs.

Dee Dee is the kind of retro style clothing that works hard, she’ll rock the retro vibe quite prettily all day then Boom! Add one of our fluffy red petticoats and she’s ready to swing all night. Where does that energy come from? We know where her style comes from, it’s pure 1950s vintage inspired clothing; classic and flattering with the kind of detail rarely seen today. Tailored using the best stretch cotton with satin-lined, boned bodice and concealed zip for a close smooth fit, you will look every inch the 1950s pinup in this vintage clothing.