British Retro vintage dresses - Bodycon Trickster Caught Red Handed

Bodycon Trickster Caught Red Handed

Spring 2019

Love made her do it, love of a beautifully-made vintage pencil dress that is. Exquisite red satin jacquard, the perfect bodycon fit with just the right amount of stretch to make this the vintage dress for ladies who like to get into a little squeeze. Set a honey trap, load the dice, set a decoy and plan a heist, being a bad gal never looked so good. And if you do get caught, wear Rhonda’s Revenge in the dock, everyone loves a femme fatale who looks like she’s just stepped out of a film noir.

Of course you may prefer to wear this delectable 50s style pencil dress for something less corrupt, who are we to tell you what to do? But we do know that the bodycon fit of Rhonda’s Revenge makes this the dress you wear when you want some attention. That high quality satin jacquard has just the right amount of stretch to cling and support in a most pleasing manner, a matching 2” belt will emphasise the waist while a 7” vent at the back allows you a little wiggle room. As with all fitted dresses, do check your measurements before ordering, we want you vintage bombshells to get the best fit for your form, because when you look good, we look good, too!