British Retro Vintage Fashion - Bordeaux Tallulah Zulu 50s Leopard Pencil Dress

Bordeaux Tallulah Zulu 50s Leopard Pencil Dress

Winter 2019

I know that a leopard cannot change its spots, but we will just have to trust Tallulah when she promises to be good. And she is just so persuasive, that refined and rich bureaux pencil dress just emanates class and refinement. Has she grown up at last? Not a chance! She added smooth, soft leopard print faux fur to collar, cuffs and buttons, rounding it all off with a matching belt, just in case you didn’t realise that this is one clever and stylish kitty. Figure hugging and flattering, Tallulah Zulu embodies everything we adore about the vintage pencil dress; so swish, so sexy and yet so incredibly wearable.

High quality luxe crepe with the slightest stretch helps Tallulah keep her delightful shape, while a small vent at the back gives just enough wiggle room to get you out of a tight spot. Wear with the matching belt, or without, undo one of those leopard-covered functional buttons or stay tightly buttoned, Tallulah Zulu is a dress that will take you to the office, to a lunch date, a trip to the theatre followed by dinner and then lead you astray for cocktails and a pub lock-in. Oh she’s a bad influence, but what can you expect? Tallulah is the naughtiest vintage 50s pencil dress out there. You have been warned!