British Retro Vintage Fashion - Dee Dee Emerald Satin Jacquard Full Circle Dress

Dee Dee Emerald Satin Jacquard Full Circle Dress

Winter 2019

A 1950s circle dress in emerald and cut from the best quality satin jacquard, this is a vintage jewel of the highest standard. Dee Dee is one of most popular vintage-inspired styles, and with good reason. She harks back to an age of elegance and style, a time when Hollywood glamour filtered into the dancehalls and brought some well-needed charm and sparkle to post-war Britain. Imagine every head turning as you walk in, the smile as you catch their eye and they take in this glorious vision of effervescence. The way this 50s circle dress fits and holds you, supporting you with a satin-lined boned bodice. The concealed zip that gives a smooth line and that generous full circle skirt, full of movement and just perfect for a night of dancing.

Oh we do love Dee Dee, and we know our loyal British Retro fans love her, too so we keep our favourite full circle dress fresh with an ever-changing array of colours and patterns. Here, we’ve chosen the most flattering shade of emerald green, the perfect foil for striking brunettes, the alluring partner to blondes and a match made in heaven for redheads. Universally flattering in both cut, style and colour, our Dee Dee 1950s circle dress in emerald satin jacquard is the retro dress of your dreams. Do not miss out.