Red Tallulah 50s Dalmation Pencil Dress by British Retro - Vintage 50s Clothing

Red Tallulah 50s Dalmation Pencil Dress

Winter 2019

A 50s pencil dress can get you that job. It can win hearts, or break them. It can change lives… A 50s pencil dress like Tallulah can do all of this before breakfast and still have room for more adventures before lunch. And if that 50s pencil dress is scarlet with a sassy Dalmation print faux fur collar and cuffs, then we are off the scale. Such a dynamic and startling colour combination, a pop of pure pigment that sits up and begs to be noticed.

If you already possess Tallulah then you know what you are getting yourself into. For those new to the Tallulah game, you should pay attention. This is a 50s pencil dress par excellence. Cut close to the curve to flatter and cling, you can wiggle and giggle with abandon thanks to a neat little back vent, without losing that vintage pinup silhouette. Wear with the matching belt, add a beret for a touch of Parisian chic and hold your head up high. Tallulah is a vintage head-turner, so wear her with pride and make every undulating step count.