Britsh Retro Vintage Clothing - 1950s Retro swing dress

Tallulah lace denim full circle swing dress

Summer 2019

Denim, that most functional of materials, loved by everybody from 19th Century American gold miners to well, everybody. Ageless and practical, it is high fashion and lowbrow, worn by bikers, rock stars and your grandpa down the allotment. Denim is probably the most egalitarian of fabrics, well, mostly, I mean there’s denim, and then there’s Tallulah…

There’s a tendency for swing dresses to be seen as the sweet innocent younger sister of the bad gal pencil dress. I don’t want to dispel this myth, it is good to have opportunities to show off a sweet side and Tallulah is the perfect swing dress for those occasions when you need to be on your best behaviour! Ivory buttons and optional belt compliment the delicate lace collar and cuffs, a perfect contrast to the deep blue denim. This a swing dress that exudes charm and grace, a feminine and delightful vintage confection that is as easy on the eye as it is to wear.

I’m just going to drag the needle across the grooves now and switch the sound of birdsong for some seriously loud rock ‘n’ roll. Tallulah may be a portrait in girlish charm but she is also the queen of 50s style swing dresses. A full circle skirt, perfect for the dance floor, is offset by a stretch denim bodice that gives Tallulah an amazing and very flattering fit across the shoulders, bust and down to the waist. Of course, this wouldn’t be the perfect swing dress without the option to add a little extra volume in the form of one of our signature rockabilly petticoats. Ivory would look just swell, but you could easily ring the changes with baby blue or navy to add some serious frothy fun to your look. Fancy a brand new swing dress with the perfect mix of sweet and sassy? Tallulah is your girl.