Wear a mask? Make it marvellous, darling!Remember when you never left the house without your lipstick carefully applied? Oh, I miss lipstick… Okay, confession time; I have never stopped wearing it. Frankly, I never wore it for anyone but me anyway, so what’s the problem if it is now hidden by a mask? And of course, the mask is going nowhere any time soon, so I’m just going to have to get used to be the only person who can admire my favourite Clinique Black Honey. I think we can all agree that it is a small price to pay to keep ourselves safe and to halt the transmission of Coronavirus.  The downside, I guess, is that masks take away the ability to share a smile, whether cheeky, flirty, amused, sarcastic, or full of love. And the times when you just have to bite your tongue to avoid starting World War 3? Those pursed lips and downturned mouth can convey so much without the need to stoop to a slanging match.

Now where’s the fun if no one can see your petulant pout or be dazzled by the perfect pearls you acquired after months of Invisalign treatment? Well, you’re just going to have to rely on your peepers, my dear! Consider Audrey’s captivating doe eyes, that delightful flicky eyeliner and eyelashes so luscious and heavy they made every blink look so sexy and sleepy. Wearing a mask is like putting your eyes on the stage, making them a beautiful focal point and allowing them the starring role.

A mask is our accomplice when hiding, for those days when you just don’t fancy chatting, or when you really don’t want to be recognised. Now I am not suggesting you get up to any mischief, but Margaret Lockwood, scorching the celluloid as a highway woman in The Wicked Lady, made trouble look ever such good fun in a mask.

Of course, masks have a darker side, too. The expressionless face covering used by Christiane in 1960s French horror Eyes Without a Face is terrifying because the horror beneath the mask is left to our imagination. Okay, let’s not dwell on that (shudder). Let’s go for something joyful or funky instead, eh? Send a message that beneath this face mask you’ll find the best smile and the sweetest heart.

In the grand scheme of things, wearing a mask is very small thing to do, but it could have a big impact on the spread of Coronavirus, so it’s a no brainer, really. But, we can at least make those masks cheery and a delight to wear, with designs to make your eyes sparkle. As an added bonus, some of these beautiful masks even match our exquisite hand-made vintage dresses!