British Retro Vintage Fashion - Are They Real?Elizabeth Taylor’s jewellery sold for $116 million dollars at auction. Say it fast and it doesn’t sound a lot. No, faster… a little faster still… No. However quickly you say it, $116 million is a helluvalotta spondoolies. Of course, those sparkly rocks are awesome and who wouldn’t marry a man (twice) who liked to shower you in bling, but they are just rocks. There, I said it. Hugely expensive rocks and minerals. Why spend $116 million and ruin your evening by constantly needing to check on your jewels?

I know, you think I’m jealous, right? But look, Dee Dee in red satin jacquard has all the impact of a precious ruby and none of the pressure of adding it to the house insurance. Add these adorable Amour earrings and a matching frothy petticoat for a classic 1950s vintage look and you’ll set the room alight without the risk of ostentatious vulgarity.

The 1950s were a golden age for the brooch, ornate crystal designs and quirky enamel pins were hugely popular and have never really gone out of style ever since. In fact, you may have seen Supreme Court Judge Lady Hale squash Boris the other day whilst wearing a gorgeous spider brooch? A good reason if ever you needed one to invest in your own sparkly little arachnid. A vintage red apple brooch, a darling little sparrow and red shiny leopard could add some sparkle to your 1950s cocktail dress and maybe send out some subtle messages while you are at it.

All this talk of jewels and we really ought to mention our brand new Dee Dee in emerald satin jacquard, a precious gem of 1950s styling and the best of British craftsmanship. Like all our 1950s full circle dresses, we’ve been generous with the amount of fabric to give you a look that can drape elegantly or get frothy in true rockabilly fashion. Add a vintage crystal clutch bag to complete the look.

If the bodycon vibe of a 1950s pencil dress is your jam, then you need the fruitiness of Tallulah Zulu in Bordeaux and leopard. Such an elegant jewel tone, and so perfect for this time of year. The addition of that leopard print detail is inspired, making this dress an exquisite marriage of the tactile and untouchably refined. Lady or tramp? Real jewels or fake? Who knows, just make sure you sparkle and have fun.