British Retro - 50’s style dress - Be naughty, look niceWhen I say be naughty, I trust you understand that I am not encouraging anything truly bad. Oh no, my idea of naughty is the cheekiness of Babs Windsor, a filthy giggle and eyes that shine with mischief. It’s a seaside postcard vibe with sunburn making your pasty bits blush and a mix of sea salt, vinegar and candy floss making every quick kiss a tasty treat. Uniquely British and a riot of fun, being naughty is too many calories, a warm pint straight after work, a flirty wink at the postman and the cheeky joke that creates as many gasps as giggles. Naughtiness is so damned nice.

Right now, we have to be nice, we have to be kind. It is more important than anything else and it really shouldn’t be so hard. We may be two metres apart but my wave and my smile will be heartfelt. I’ll make sure my “Hello” and “Cheery Bye” embodies the chirpiness of a music hall comedy turn playing to a full house. Until the sun shines again and the street parties can begin in earnest, here are some dresses so sweet they’ll warm the cockles and life the spirits.

The thing I love about these 1950s full circle dresses is that they are so easy to wear. A semi-fitted bodice and a generous 50’s full-circle skirt will create a silhouette that emphasises the waist and bust. The skirt falls neatly to ballerina length, perfect for wearing with flats or heels. A rockabilly petticoat in a complementary or contrasting colour will add some va va voom. Wear the belt, remove the belt, add a cardigan, open up the top button, add something sparkly or channel your inner Grace Kelly with a scarf and some swishy cats eye specs… so many options,

Who isn’t cheered up by polka dots? Dee Dee red polka dot 50’s swing dress is high spirited and daring. Fearless when it suits her, she’ll squeal and pull you close on the ghost train but will also insist on a ringside seat for the wall of death show. Confused? Of course you are, but you love her anyway.

The guy with the black quiff and blue eyes swirls the spun sugar and creates a magical cloud of candy floss. Sweet and tasty, almost as delicious as our Dee dee pink satin jacquard 50’s style dress – a vision of 1950s vintage inspired clothing, loveliness. The kind of darling girl you want on your arm, she looks prim enough to get the approval of your Ma but that innocent blush hides a lot of mischief.

Way Out West garden floral 50s swing dress not only boasts that flattering iconic, vintage style dress shape, it also references the quintessentially English taste for floral prints. Classic and refined, you’ll wear this adaptable shirt dress for casual and smart occasions. Right now, I think I’d add a light cardigan and team it with some Converse for a relaxed look. Then, I’ll open a beer, get a deck chair out and have myself a virtual garden party with all my favourite people.


Stay nice, stay cheeky, stay elegant, stay safe xx