Britsh Retro Vintage Dresses, Ethical and ExquisiteI loathe fast fashion and the general disposable nature of what we buy. Of course, I make sure my vintage dress habit stays true to manufacturers who share my values and desire for a more sustainable and ethical way of life (and I know you lovely ladies do, too), but there are so many luxurious little extravagances…

Fresh flowers. They last such a short time in a centrally heated house, shedding petals and looking maudlin as they wilt and droop on their stems. And yet… A tiny vase of freesias can fill a room with the smell of spring. Their delicate little lives are brief, but oh my, the joy while they last.

Perfume. I simply don’t like the woman I become when I run out of Mitsouko. That iconic bottle and distinctive fragrance just make life a little better, you know? Mitsouko is my favourite, but I’m a bit of a tart when it comes to sharing my love between chypres, musks and woody orientals. Yes, it’s my little passion and it hurts no one but my bank account, okay?

Haircuts. Ah, the love you feel when you meet ‘the one’ – the hairdresser that always gets it right, But, hey, how long does it last before it all grows out and there’s a six week waiting list for Donna with the golden scissors? Damn, I cut my Barbie’s hair in 1987 and that bitch never needed another trim…

I guess the one thing these little spendy treats have in common is that they are all pretty harmless. Buy ethical, avoid air freighted, out of season luxuries and steer clear of animal testing, and it’s all good. Just a bit, erm, frivolous. Now, there’s nothing wrong with frivolous, but if your intention is to live a life less disposable, if you harken after something more ethical and less wasteful, then you don’t need to eschew the feeling of delight that comes with a luxury purchase. Choose something beautifully made that you will love wearing again and again. Avoid fast fashion (it always looks dated after a few months), and opt for manufacturers with ethical values as well as serious design credentials (you’ll end up with an investment piece, not just a dress). Here are the best new season treats that will add some value to your wardrobe right now.

Did we name our famous Tallulah dress after Tallulah Bankhead? That outrageous and husky voiced movie star? It is possible. What I know for certain is that our latest incarnation is a perfect marriage of sumptuous faux leopard and the richest shade of deep red wine. It is kind of hue that would have dazzled on the silver screen, holding its own under the glare of a thousand camera flash bulbs. Fast forward seventy years and you’ll have the same impact on Instagram.  In the words of Tallulah herself, “To deny me anything only inflames my desire.” I know what she means, so look lively ladies, our Tallulah bordeaux full circle swing dress is strictly limited edition.

Here at British Retro we love anything quirky, sourcing printed cottons featuring designs that turn heads and raise eyebrows. We put these awesome designs to work on the sassiest of 1950s bodycon dresses, and once you fine ladies step into them the effect is like lighting a touchpaper! Fiesta for the Dead is our latest bit of gory gorgeousness, celebrating the Mexican Day of the Dead  (2nd November) and incorporating all the vivid colours and rich splendour we associate with this wonderful cultural tradition.  Add one of our Catacomb Skull Clutch Bags and some  Sugar Skull earrings to complete the look perfectly.

Like all ethical shoppers, I do love a bargain, so don’t forget to keep an eye open for our occasional sale items. Limited edition but always a good investment! Happy shopping, glamourpuss!