Britsh Retro Vintage Dresses, Heavenly HildaDetox on sachets of dust to get rid of that cake baby. Beyonce lost the baby weight eating only raw rhubarb and acrylic nail glue. Gwyneth advises us to insert jade eggs and steam clean our what now?

Well, okay some of those lurid headlines came from my own addled brain, but you get the idea. There are far too many negative (and occasionally harmful) bits of ‘advice’ floating around, and it can be difficult sorting out the frankly ridiculous from the possibly plausible. Instead, let us seek out role models that defy the strict conventions of what is deemed attractive, let us take style advice from true individuals. The good news is for fans of vintage this is not only incredibly easy to find ideal role models, you are probably fans of them already. Beautiful, curvaceous women with style, grace and oodles of glamour – they ran amok through cinema and music throughout the ‘40s and ‘50s. We could spend the next few minutes admiring the million dollar legs of Betty Grable, the dangerous curves of Jane Russell, or the statuesque beauty of Anita Eckberg… but no, instead I would like to direct your gaze to the one and only Hilda! The darling pin-up of the 1950s who was always far too busy having fun to be even remotely concerned with the voluptuous flesh that frequently threatened to overspill her bikini!

Is there anything more charming than this glorious bundle of curves and giggles? That smile, the wonderful satisfaction at simple pleasures and the rosy glow of those apple cheeks, Hilda is a beauty. I suspect she is oblivious of her voluptuous shape, choosing to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the feel of a gentle breeze cooling the parts that don’t get out much! And she looks so much happier as a result, don’t you think? She lives in the moment, making the most of every opportunity; so full of life you could forget she is the creation of the artist Duane Bryers. He knew that Hilda’s joie de vivre and appetite for life make her the kind of person we all want to spend time with, a bundle of fun and a true beauty.  Somehow, I don’t believe a thigh gap and a life spent rejecting the delights of the patisserie could ever generate a smile as wonderful as Hilda’s. Ladies, eat the cake, seize everything life offers you and wear that gorgeous dress. Do it today.