British Retro - vintage inspired clothing - vintage dresses, swing dresses, wiggle dresses, swing skirts, 1950s circle dressesWe all want to look hot, but damn, this weather is messing with my make-up – what to do? Maintaining a perfect set of Audrey Hepburn lashes and eyeliner flicks in this humidity would be an act of the utmost heroism, so I’m paring everything down to the most basic essentials and opting for waterproof eye make-up for those occasions when I absolutely can’t do without. No glossy lip colours, I’m going for straight up matte shades that stay put and finishing the whole lot off with a lovely make-up setting spray (Urban Decay do a great one). I keep some make-up in the fridge (check before you do this as not everything likes to be chilled) and when it all gets too much, I blast my heat-wearied soul with the cool setting on the hairdryer. We’ll get through this, won’t we?

I may grumble, but think about the shapewear and corsetry all our Hollywood favourites would wear! Creating that 1950s pinup shape took a lot of effort, and how unpleasantly hot! Waists cinched with Elastane, longline bras with conical cups and boned tummy control panels, girdles that extended from waist to mid-thigh – all to achieve that perfect pencil dress silhouette! Thank heavens we have moved on and can buy decent vintage dresses that use all the best tailoring tricks to create that pinup look without the need for all that underwear. In fact, a halter neck pencil dress like our beautiful Seize the Night will support and cling where needed, giving you that perfect retro wiggle-dress figure without any effort whatsoever. It’s 100% cotton, too, so if you can’t resist the urge to cool off in a fountain a la Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita, then your dress will live to tell to the tale! If getting soaked to the skin isn’t quite your thing, then you could opt for one of our perfect full circle swing dresses; there’s enough swish in that skirt to recreate Marilyn’s iconic subway air vent scene – should you feel so inclined, of course!

However you choose to stay cool, you can do it in style. Make the dress your focus, choose something with an attention grabbing print, or a full, swishy skirt, and make sure you keep those delicate shoulders and décolletage protected. The humidity may ruin your hair and make-up, but trust me, it will be the dress they remember.