Britsh Retro Vintage Stylish, poised and effortlessIs it too early to begin thinking about Christmas films? I guess it is, but I like to plan ahead and I was looking at the original Miracle on 34th Street the other day. Soppy, schmaltzy stuff but hey, at this time of year who is going to judge you? Natalie Wood was cast in this film when she was just eight years old, and even at that tender age her huge dark eyes are mesmerising and so full of emotion. It is no surprise she made the break as an adult actor, something so few child actors manage. In West Side Story and Rebel Without a Cause she set the screen alight with all the rebellious angst and passionate fury of that shocking new breed, the nineteen-fifties teenager! I love her costumes in both films, the cinched waists and swing skirts that emphasised her perfect pinup shape. A full circle skirt will create a wonderful silhouette, so incredibly flattering, it makes every entrance dramatic. That dance-like swish as you walk, so elegant and playful!

Of course, Natalie wasn’t frozen in time, her Hollywood career may have peaked in the fifties and sixties, but she worked until her untimely death in 1981. When we look at photographs of her now, we are as likely to find a very 1970s image with long hair, flared trousers and heavy spider lashes as we are an image of Natalie in a classic 1950s evening gown with coiffed hair and a smattering of diamonds. However she dressed, she always looked so very comfortable in herself, ever stylish, poised and effortless. I envy that quality! Particularly at this time of year when we are considering office parties and Christmas shindigs, choosing dresses that are warm and glamourous, suitable for daywear and great for glamming up in the evening. It’s a toughie, but I think we have you covered. From Kitty with Love is the perfect evening dress for the season. In a wonderfully sophisticated charcoal grey, this gown works well as a very day dress, just add one of our frothy black petticoats to add a little more swish glamour and you’re good to go out straight from work.

If the figure-hugging style of a 50s pencil dress is more your thing, then look no further than our new tartan dress, Tallulah Royal Stewart – it’s one part prim secretary to three parts sassy pinup queen! That flash of classic Stewart tartan means you’ll be perfectly kitted out for Hogmanay, too!