Britsh Retro Vintage, The Devil Wears British RetroI’ve had a few of those Miranda Priestly moments recently, do you know what I mean? A beautiful polka dot dress catches my eye in a large department store, I have it in my hands, I am walking to the fitting room and I try it on. It’s not particularly well cut. The seams are a little weak in places. I hate the way the neckline gapes when I bend forward in the mirror. It is just wrong, all wrong. But it’s cheap and I suppose I could nip in the waist and sort out the crummy overlocking. It is about this point I look up and catch the steely gaze of Miranda Priestly watching me in the brutal lighting of the department store fitting room, and I know exactly what I need to do. I ought to recognise this apparent bargain for what it is and put it back on the rack.

The Devil Wears Prada is a great film but I fear I may be out of step with many people when I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with Miranda, admonishing her hapless PA for ignorantly assuming her blue jumper is nothing more, nor less than what it superficially appears to be… a blue jumper. Everything we wear owes something to the fashions of yesteryear, even if it is isn’t obvious. You can bet your bottom dollar the designer has studied tailoring, fashion design, textiles, art history… not to mention the practical and somewhat less arty aspects of running a business. So it seems only fair that we should always seek out the garments that have been made with the highest care and the most love. Choose carefully and wisely, treat each item like the work of art, the heritage piece, the heirloom it is. So, I put the cheap frock back and searched for some much better alternatives…

A rich, warm tartan is a classic at any time of year, but it really comes into its own when the clocks go back and the nights draw in. Oh, so cosy… our Dee Dee 1950s full circle dress is soft to the touch and warm to wear but doesn’t sacrifice that awesome 1950s silhouette to keep the goosebumps at bay.

Every girl needs a little black dress, it’s what you wear when you aren’t sure what the dress code is. It’s the dress you reach for when you need an injection of confidence. It’s the dress that just makes you feel like you can cope with anything.  We added leopard print faux fur to our Tallulah Black Leopard 1950s full circle dress to bring some additional feline fizz to the mix. It’s beautiful and it’s dangerous and your wardrobe needs it.

Okay, you need two little black dresses. My mistake. A seriously form-fitting number like our  Shangri La 1950s evening dress has the same iconic, bodycon shape you see in almost every Hollywood movie of the 1950s. Strapless and boned to create perfect form and fit, it flatters and enhances all figures. Black stretch satin and charming embroidered chiffon add elegance and refinement – you’ll still break hearts, heck, you may even stop some hearts, but you’ll do it in the most elegant of gowns, my dear.

An essential addition for any fan of vintage style is the 1950s petticoat. Make the most of the full circle skirts in our dresses and have fun mixing and clashing the colours to create the most dazzling 1950s rockabilly look. Our petticoats are a perfect match to the our skirt lengths, so you can be confident your look will be spot on, too.

Okay, I’m convinced. And the best bit? I did it all from the comfort of my sofa, a pot of tea to hand, sheet mask on my face and Elvis crooning in the background.