Britsh Retro Vintage, vintage bridesI got married in my jeans. Seriously. At that point in my life I felt not the slightest inclination to buy a fancy dress that would live in the back of my wardrobe or be vacuum-packed in a storage bag and dumped in the loft. No way. Do I regret my sartorial indifference? A bit. If I’d known that a wedding dress could be something that meant a little more to me than an overpriced ivory satin effort that would never see the light of day again then I may have been a little more enthusiastic about my outfit. Since then I have seen a number of friends married and increasingly it seems that the trend is moving towards something less formal than the meringues and lace efforts of recent years. The ostentatious display of wealth, once the hallmark of a ‘decent’ wedding, is beginning to look quite dated now. An individual approach that celebrates love, family and friendships without maxing out the credit card is far lovelier, I think.

Enough with the slushy stuff! If we’re talking weddings then we want the tales of rampant Bridezillas and the hideous Mother-of-the-Bride, don’t we? We want the stories of bridesmaid frenemies forced to wear inappropriate dresses to make the bride look better, those awful subreddits detailing outrageous wedding gift demands and hen party dramas. No, no, no, positivity all the way, here. I have a picture in my head of a perfect wedding party, colourful, homespun, a homemade cake and your best pals taking turns at being DJ. I see a brace of giggling bridesmaids wearing dresses that are beautiful and flattering, lots of dancing and kitsch drinks that contain umbrellas and maraschino cherries. Maybe not the last one, but everything else sounds spot on. Here are your dresses, they are perfect*

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Not just a blue dress, oh no, a blue full circle swing dress in the most luxurious satin jacquard. Perfect with a baby blue fluffy petticoat for the sassiest rockabilly bridesmaid.

Delicate pink Dee Dee, the sweetest swing dress for a blushing bride or bridesmaid. A full circle skirt, boned bodice and slight stretch for a great 50s style pin up fit. Wear with or without one of our signature fluffy petticoats for that iconic vintage look, or wear without for a sumptuous and elegant draped effect.

Like the finest porcelain, Dee Dee in blue floral print is a thing of beauty, something to turn and hold to the light so you can admire its outrageous fineness right up close. Add a frothy baby blue petticoat to show off the full circle skirt. This is the dress you will wear all summer, and we’ll look back and say, “Remember the long hot summer of 2019 when you looked like a 1950s movie star…?”

The vintage bride wore ivory satin… and she looked like Monroe in The Seven Year Itch, she looked like Taylor in A Place in the Sun, she looked like… herself! Her very beautiful self. The classic 1950s swing dress with a full circle skirt and an adorable sweetheart neckline. Add a simple bouquet and a radiant smile… [sniff] I must have something in my eye.

*You can thank me later for saving you a lot of time ?