Britsh Retro Vintage Walking after midnight - Wonderland coat, Winter coat, glamourous vintage coats, 1950s vintage coats, Retro Winter CoatsSometimes you just need the kind of music that feels like being wrapped in a cosy blanket, sipping a hot toddy. The nights are cold and dark, the mornings are frosty and all my favourite summer clothes are shoved to the back of the wardrobe. I long for velvet soft vocals and melancholic lyrics, the best soundtrack to these dark months. For me, there is no one better than Patsy Cline singing ‘Walking After Midnight,’ a song that ticks all of those boxes and more. Now, I’m not a huge c&w fan, but there is something about that song that just works so well. Who hasn’t woken in the middle of the night with a mind whirring over some heartbreak… What else can you do but go walking?

“I go out walkin’ after midnight
Out in the moonlight
Just like we used to do, I’m always walkin’
After midnight, searchin’ for you”

I wouldn’t recommend you emulate the lovelorn singer, trawling the streets between the witching hour and sparrow’s croak is not really safe and it is highly unlikely you will just casually bump into the object of your heartbreak (no, it will happen when he is with a new hot girlfriend, fresh from a holiday in Barbados and you are on your own with unwashed hair and nursing the mother of all ‘flu bugs). Okay, okay, ignore me, I’m being a pessimist. But seriously, heading out after dark in winter comes with a whole raft of other issues, not least the need to stay warm against the elements. It seems like yesterday we were thinking about halter neck dresses and cautioning you to wear sunscreen, but we’re well into Autumn now and even the most glamourous vintage babe needs to protect her assets. After a night of dancing and carousing in this gorgeous number you’ll be basking in the warm glow of compliments and pleasantly glowing from the dance floor, but when you head out to catch your cab the sudden chill of the night air catches up with you. There’s nothing less sexy than goosebumps, so cover up in a sumptuous and stylish layer that hides practical warmth beneath a vision of absolute glamour. Our new Wonderland coat in soft wool Melton fabric features a perfect ‘fifties-style design, sitting neatly on the waist and with a generous swirl of skirt to keep your vintage pinup silhouette intact. Soft and sumptuous faux fur collar and cuffs will keep you looking totally glam and super snuggly. Patsy would approve.