Britsh Retro Vintage, 1950s style, Celebrating D-DayIt is sad fact that those who lit up the screen and blasted out of jukeboxes during the vintage years are slowly and steadily slipping from us, and we can’t do a damn thing about it. Now, I can see you trying to head out the door, and why wouldn’t you? It is starting to feel decidedly gloomy in here. But wait, I’m not going down that route, I promise. This is a positive blog post! You see, one of the most amazing things is that these golden greats can’t ever really die. Oh yes, I felt a pang of sadness when Doris Day shuffled off this mortal coil recently, but how can we grieve when we have such a fantastic back catalogue of films and music to remember her by? And the wonderful thing is, you might think you know someone, but when their work dates back 70 or 80 years, you can find yourself uncovering some astonishing and truly awesome surprises. Yes, we all know Doris as the romantic lead in a flurry of 1950s and 1960s cheesy comedies, forever breaking the fourth wall to give a startled and perplexed look directly to camera while a vibraphone chimes in the background. I know, I know… but you may not realise that she had a very successful career singing with some of the best big bands of the 1940s. In celebration of the adorable Doris Day, here are some wonderful and iconic vintage styles that would have looked just perfect on America’s original sweetheart.

Rhondas Revenge 1950s style pencil dress will enhance your curves and give you the dangerous allure of the film noir femme fatal. Add  black satin and lace gloves and you too could be the troubled but talented nightclub singer, Ruth Etting. ‘Love Me or Leave Me’ is a stand out film for Doris fans, showcasing both her serious acting skills and that velvet voice. James Cagney is perfectly cast as her Chicago gangster husband. Enjoy the drama, stifle a sob and melt into that singing voice.

Calamity Jane is the quintessential Hollywood musical. Big, brash and boisterous with a musical score full of hits. Saloons, spittoons and gunslinging are here in abundance. Jane’s tomboy ways are (sort of) curbed and there’s a double wedding at the end. In short, every cliche is here, present and correct. I can’t swing a lasso and I had a bad experience with Bourbon, but I can wear this Way Out West Mulberry Full Circle Dress, a stylish 1950s style swing dress in a soft warm tartan check. I could also add a contrasting petticoat if I fancy emphasising that classic 50s rockabilly shape, too.

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Doris appeared in a number of saccharine romantic comedies. Frequently paired with Rock Hudson and often required to act the ditzy woman who gets drunk, the wife who mistakenly believes her marriage is in trouble, the career girl who overcomes the crazy antics of her boss to triumph… all with hilarious consequences. Hollywood dress designers liked to emphasise the kooky innocence of Doris by dressing her in candy coloured suits and dresses, often with sweet peter pan collars and matching pillbox hats. You can channel your inner cutiepie with our  Matilda full circle dress – fresh as a daisy and perfect for parties, wedding, the office or even your own screwball comedy.