British Retro - Vintage Inspired - Shaking the Blues AwayWe’re experiencing strange and stressful times. The world has gone crazy and everywhere I look I see examples of the worst and the best in human behaviour. It is difficult not to feel blue right now but when I want to lift my spirits, I look out of the window and gaze up into a sky that is becoming more beautifully spring-like every day; a glorious canopy of white fluffy clouds and never-ending blue, it could raise anyone’s spirits. And yet, I found myself pondering the reason we use the colour blue to denote sadness. I wish I could say that this pondering took place at an elegant kidney-shaped dressing table with perfectly manicured nail poised at my lower lip as I stared thoughtfully into the distance… alas, no it did not. Since this social distancing thing I have let myself slip into a frightful state. I ate a Curly Wurly for breakfast this morning and have legs so hairy the cat has begun to see me as a predator.

I am joking. A little. On a serious note, we need to keep going and we need to stay upbeat. One way we can do this is to keep making an effort. Get up and do your hair and make-up, get a routine going and look forward to a time when normality returns. So, who wants to join me in shaking the blues away?

Stay Buoyant

I never really understood why all the nice girls love a sailor. They are away at sea for months at a time and rumour has it they have a girl in every port. However, I am partial to a naughty nautical vibe, especially when it comes in the form of our classic 1950s vintage inspired Way Out West Vintage Navy Anchor Swing Dress. A cute anchor print, a classic 50s style skirt and the option to wear with or without a frothy petticoat for a variety of looks. We need a little lift in our lives right now and this delectable vintage style dress would raise a smile the next time you get shore leave.

No need for revenge

So, some greedy sods are stockpiling essentials? Well, I take comfort in the knowledge that all the loo rolls and bags pf pasta have left little room in their homes for the kind of gorgeous things that make life a little better. A bag of tagliatelle couldn’t thrill me as much as a beautifully designed and artfully created vintage inspired pencil dress. Rhonda’s Revenge in rich navy-blue luxe crepe is our elegant homage to the classic 50’s pencil dress and she is most definitely the kind of gorgeous thing I had in mind. An off-the-shoulder Bardot neckline and belted waist emphasise hourglass figures and create the illusion of curves for less bountiful babes. Don’t go hating the stockpilers, just focus on the gorgeous things.

Manage your work life balance

Working from home for the foreseeable? Keep it business-like and you’ll never be caught short taking a Zoom call whilst still in your jimmy-jams. In fact, why not take this opportunity to dress for the job you want, not the job you have? Now, I have always fancied the kind of 1950s secretary look – smart and efficient with a heap of unapproachable sexiness simmering away behind my slightly geeky cats eye glasses. Naturally, I’d have an affair with the boss (anything to while away those dull hours in the typing pool), but I’d be super-efficient at my job, too. When the CEO finally whisks me away in a helicopter for a life of luxury, I would bequeath my favourite 1950s style pencil dress, the Little Nell Navy Pinstripe pencil dress ,Maureen in Accounts Payable. She hasn’t got the figure for it, but she was always very nice to me and I’ll be sorry to leave her behind.